Method for adults

My method focuses on objectives, results, insight and harmony.

I integrate three approaches in my methodology and work:
– neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
– voice dialogue facilitator (VDF)
– transpersonal coaching and counselling (TCC)
– As an NLP coach I guide the coachee through specific questions in order to gain a better insight into his current situation. He achieves a greater awareness of his choices and his opportunities. His objectives, and what it takes to achieve them, become clearer. The coachee is able to act effectively and take responsibility for his actions.

– As a voice dialogue facilitator I focus on the sub-personalities of the coachee. Often, people are unaware of the undercurrents that influence the way they react. By talking through the primary and less obvious problems, the client achieves greater awareness of what his inner voices are telling him. The attention given to these voices leads towards insight, balance, new choices and change.

– As a transpersonal coach I approach the ever-shifting interpersonal, social and communal context of the coachee, in which he grows and evolves. Transpersonal coaching is a new method that responds to the many questions and needs of a modern society. I therefore suggest that our experiences are part of a greater reality. By placing your positive and negative experiences in a broader context, you better understand their deeper meaning. This helps you to face difficult moments and obstacles as challenges on the way towards positive change, rather than as problems.