“Sometimes being a child isn’t child’s play.”

We live in a competitive and fast world. Even children can sometimes have difficulty finding their feet. They feel misunderstood, sad and generally unhappy in themselves. This often leads to behavioural problems or emotional outbursts.

  • I coach both children and adolescents. The following topics are covered:
  • assertiveness and bullying
  • angst, phobias and attachment
  • moods and eating problems
  • lack of self-confidence, anger and sadness
  • social skills
  • behavioural problems

Often, your child’s behaviour is a reflection of situations that have been picked up on at home. You might not always be aware of the circumstances yourself. You carry your own past with you and this may unintentionally affect your child.

Your child is an individual too and consequently has specific characteristics that belong only to him or her. Sometimes it is difficult to completely understand your child, especially when you have a very different make up. Therefore, as a parent, you can use me as a sounding board. My goal is to work with you until your child feels better in his- or herself.