“Let go of the struggle for perfection, there is a crack in everything,
it is how the light gets inside.” Louise Penny

Do you want insight into your emotions and thought processes? Do you want to break through and let go of old patterns, internal barriers and vicious circles? Do you wrestle with angst and depressive feelings or are you coping with bereavement or burnout?

Transpersonal coaching offers illuminating insights into emotional, mental and psychosomatic problems. Through it, you achieve fundamental changes in your very being. Your relationships at home and at work improve. You obtain greater clarity about yourself and more satisfaction in life. If you find yourself asking questions like “What do I really want in my life?” and “How do I experience life in a way that makes sense?” this type of guidance brings clarity.

You can also approach me as a couple. Every relationship is unique but also responds to universal basic laws that are built into our nature through evolution. Sometimes a relationship, that was once good, threatens to fall apart. Relationship therapy can provide a solution. It gives an answer to questions like “How do I bring love and understanding back into my relationship?” and “How do I rebuild basic trust?”

Self-acceptance is an important part of the process of relationship healing. This is why this form of counselling, alongside relationship therapy, also contains an individual approach.